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Homemade projector screen - Principle & how to DIY

July 11, 2005 EST | Entertainment

By Jacklyn Chen
Projector screens are generally divided into two types base on their functionality: reflection projector screen and transmission projector screen. It can be also divided into soft and hard screen base on the materials they are made from.

Home theater generally uses soft reflection screen. My brother-in-law originally wanted to buy a ¥1000 (~$150) so-called "import screen", but a friend of his who sells projector screens told him that it was hard nowadays (in China) to distinguish the genuineness of an import screen, it was hard even for himself. Some of them that are labeled with 'import' or 'joint capital' were actually manufactured somewhere in the south of China. He felt that he'd rather to buy a ¥300 domestically manufactured screen with good feelings than buy this kind of "import screen". What this friend said made perfect sense. But after doing some research, my brother-in-law found that all screens on the local market are made from high gain Bolivian bead that is used for projecting newspaper clips, they are simply not suitable for video frequency. [More...]

Remember the 7 words of success

June 21, 2005 EST | Business

By Jack Foley

In any walk of life, sport, business, family life, etc, there are always going to be times when you feel like throwing in the towel. Its human nature, we do not enjoy conflict, lack of progress, always finishing runner up. The 7 words are simple and can't be underestimated, "never give up, never never give up". Historians say that Churchill's exploits in the second world war is the best testimony to these words. When the whole world thought that Britain were doomed, by adopting a never say die attitude they eventually prevailed. I think what start up businesses need to digest here is that success is very much possible but

1) You are always are going to go through rough times and you need to accept this fact immediately.
2) When rough times strike, you need to react to the situation correctly. [More...]